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When you need cash now for your business and you don't have time to wait on your funds 123 Cash Solutions is here for you. Going to the bank, filling out a long application and waiting days to hear whether you've been approved is just not an option. Many of the reasons businesses look for extra cash could be to cover payroll, expansion, or pay off lenders. The reason you need cash now does not affect your application at all.

With 123cashsolutions, you won't have to go through that uncertainty of being approved or not. We work with 100's of lenders that who just want to help. Our application can be completed in a few minutes, and you can hear back instantly in many cases!** Not having to wait on your approval means less time worrying about where the money will come from and more time putting that money to good use.

If you are approved, your money will often be in your account by the next business day.* That can mean the next day, though it can also take several days if you are approved on a Friday or before a holiday.

Discover the Benefits

Getting your business the cash it needs.

Getting a cash advance gives your company the ability to receive a lump some of cash and only pay it back on your future credit card sales. There are no hidden fees.

You could be entitled to receive 50%-200% of your monthly credit card sales. We will only offer you what is in your best interest.

We will not charge you any interest rate for the money received. You will only have a flat rate paid daily. And there are no penalties for paying the advance off early or extending the length of the advance.

We give you the flexibility of only paying us back off of your credit card sales. If you dont have credit card sales that day or are closed for a holiday, you dont have to worry about paying us..

Apply now to get the cash your business needs!


What people say about those our service.

I needed to cover payrol friday, i never though i was going to make it but 123 cash solutions came through for me.

James Blancho

B&B Auto Repair

Very pleased with the quality service and amount of professionalism that i was shown during the application process.

Greta Aecheson

Greta's tiles, fixtures and more

Thanks to the help of 123 cash solutions I went from having 1 store front to opening up a second one.

Mark Simpson

Kid's Craft and hobbie corner